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Lilac, Peony & Mint are Back

Embrace the sweetest season with our Limited Edition Spring Scents. Floral fragrances of Peony, Mint & Lilac are back in bloom—but not for long.

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Try a little LEMON VERBENA


So light and citrusy. Perfect for brightening rooms and days.

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Rooted in Goodness

Made with plant-derived ingredients, essential oils and other thoughtfully formulated ingredients, our products work hard against dirt and grime, but they’re absolutely delightful to use. Our wonderful scents brighten days and bring all the loveliness of the garden inside. Because cleaning ought to inspire, energize and put a smile on our faces. If you ask us, at least.

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drawing of a small animal leaping Cruelty-Free Formula
drawing of a leaf with a water droplet on it Made with Essential Oils & Other Thoughtfully Chosen Ingredients
drawing of the recycle symbol Recyclable Packaging* (less pumps & caps)

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We work hard to ensure our products have a responsible combination of ingredients—combinations that not only work hard on your daily dirt and grime, but that fill your home with garden-inspired scents.

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