Shelf-Top Ironing Board

Not much room in your laundry room? This DIY project lets you ditch your bulky ironing board and replaces it with a space-saving, shelf-top solution. So grab a staple gun and some heat-resistant batting and let's get started!

Materials & Tools

  • Storage furniture - should be around 36 to 46 inches tall, depending on how tall you are; must have flat top with overhang; best if you can remove top.
  • Heat-resistant batting
  • Fabric (cotton duck or canvas is recommended; also denim or tightly woven, cottons or linens)
  • Bleach pen
  • Staple gun



  • You can use different colors of cotton, denim or canvas.
  • Or use fabric paint instead of bleach.
  • Try simple dots or designs, or choose your own mantra (like “Waste not, Want not”) to write on the fabric.