Pantry Organization for a Healthy New Year

It's easy for a well-used pantry to turn into an eyesore, a petri dish and a black hole for small bags of whole grains. To kick the new year off, we're taking everything out, throwing away the old stuff (and the pretzels we can't stop eating) and finding containers for all the good we want to keep.


  • Trash bag for expired, stale, extraneous and bad-for-you old pantry items
  • Airtight clear glass or plastic food storage containers – enough of each size for your own pantry needs
  • Labels
  • Baskets for vegetable storage
  • Small wire or mesh containers for fruit storage
  • Spice rack
  • A trip to the bulk section of the supermarket for fresh dry goods and pantry staples
  • Sufficient Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products so you don't run out – we picked Geranium so the whole pantry would smell of spring flowers



To keep things from getting cluttered and lost in the dark depths of the cabinet, make a policy to have just one row of jars on each shelf.